Name Your Fave! DownEast Home Makeover $200 Giveaway!

DownEast Home $200 Makeover Giveaway

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of new items that will soon be in our stores! Enter for a chance to win a $200 DownEast Home & Clothing gift card (for in-store use only). DownEast Home & Clothing currently operates stores in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. A complete list of all DownEast Home & Clothing locations is available here.

All you have to do is name your two favorite new DownEast items from those featured in the image above. Selections are numbered and include:

1. Roosevelt Cabinet

2. Garfield Six-Drawer Dresser

3. Thayer Six-Drawer Sideboard

4. Kennedy Four-Drawer Silver Foil Dresser

5. Reagan Bench

6. Lincoln Cabinet

Comment below to tell us which two are your favorites! Be sure to enter your email address in the comment form (it won’t be visible publicly) so we’re able to contact you if you win. And, leave a comment if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for even MORE chances to win!

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Q&A with CHOICE Expedition Team Member Chelsea Jensen

DownEast CHOICE Expedition 2014

Chelsea Jensen, manager at our DownEast Basics store in Logan, Utah, is another team member who recently traveled to the remote Seococ Chulac village in Guatemala with CHOICE Humanitarian. We talked to Chelsea about the trip and how the villagers have provided inspiration in her life.

Did you discover anything new about yourself as part of the expedition?

Normally, I’m a girl who spends way too much time on her makeup and presentation. But due to the conditions in the village, I went without makeup and my usual “beauty” routine…and found that people still liked me! :-)

The trip really reinforced to me that it’s inner beauty that counts.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

Probably coming to the realization that laughter is a universal language. Even with the language barrier, we were always able to find a way to laugh and have a good time with the villagers. I left the United States thinking that I would change the lives of others on this trip, but in reality, they changed mine.

What do you like most about working for a “pay it forward” company like DownEast?

I love that I work for a company that will let me take time off from work to grow as an individual. I made so many village friends and deepened my relationships with co-workers who were also on the expedition.

What can others do in their everyday lives to help end poverty?

There are so many ways to help, just as there are so many people around us who are having a hard time. If you have the mindset of constantly serving others, then opportunities will present themselves. The expedition certainly made me more alert to the needs of others.

Thanks, Chelsea! Visit the CHOICE Humanitarian website for more information on its work in developing countries and ways that you can get involved.

Q&A with CHOICE Expedition Member Penny Tygesen

Choice Penny Collage

Penny Tygesen from our Sandy, Utah, store is another member of the DownEast team that recently traveled to the remote Seococ Chulac village in Guatemala with CHOICE Humanitarian. We talked to Penny about her experiences on the trip and the lasting impression it made on her.


Was this your first trip out of the United States?

This was not my first time out of the States, as I’ve also been to Europe. But this trip was by far the most memorable for me!


What inspired you to take part in this year’s CHOICE expedition?

I’d heard such moving stories from other members of the DownEast team who’d gone, and wanted to share that experience. I was actually the recipient of a “scholarship” from DownEast that paid my trip expenses. I was selected by writing an essay.


What did the CHOICE expedition mean to you personally?

Giving HOPE to the villagers for a better way of life meant so much to me. The new classrooms and family gardens will have a great impact moving forward.


What was your favorite part of the trip?

I so enjoyed my time with the wonderful village children. They would be waiting for me each day to bring out the coloring books and bubbles! We had a great time!

Thanks, Penny! Visit the CHOICE Humanitarian website for more information on its work in developing countries and ways that you can get involved.

Q&A with CHOICE Expedition Member Breeana Hawkes

As you may know, for a number of years DownEast employees have partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian, a non-profit working in rural villages in developing countries. Our DownEast team recently returned from its fifth CHOICE expedition! This time, the team traveled to the remote Seococ Chulac village in the mountainous Polochic region of Guatemala to help build new classrooms and establish family gardens for improved nutrition. Breeana Hawkes, clothing manager at our store in The District in South Jordan, Utah, participated in this latest expedition. We talked to her about her experience on the trip and how it has inspired her in her own life. Breeana Collage

Was this your first trip out of the United States?

As a child, I went to Mexico for a few family vacations. But as an adult, this was my first trip outside of the States.


What did the CHOICE expedition mean to you personally?

I wanted to go on the expedition to give back and make a small difference in the world, and to gain a new perspective on how truly blessed I am. This trip accomplished that and so much more! In the end, what I walked away with was a determination to better my life by focusing on the things that really matter. In this world we live in, we’re taught that bigger is better, that we need more and need it now. The villagers were a genuinely happy people, who, when it came to worldly possessions, had very little.


Did anything surprise you about the village?

It was so interesting to see how they lived and how resourceful they were. They cut down trees and used the wood to make tools we used that very same day! The village water supply was gathered from the daily rainfall. They used soda can lids to make bags and purses, and they were super cute! I was also surprised by how welcoming they were. They were so happy to see us – they threw a big parade with dancing and music when we arrived, and on our last night they held a party with fireworks to thank us, which was a sacrifice for them. I was expecting the children to be welcoming, but I was surprised by the hospitality of the adults and elders, too. Their smiles were unforgettable!


What can others do in their everyday lives to help end poverty?

Give! Find an organization such as CHOICE and give a little each month. These villagers make about $140 per year, working full time. Every little bit helps! Thanks, Breeana! Visit the CHOICE Humanitarian website for more information on its work in developing countries and ways that you can get involved.

Girls’ Night Out at Our San Tan Village Store in Gilbert

DownEast Home & Clothing recently hosted a Girls’ Night Out at our store in the San Tan Village in Gilbert, Arizona. The free event featured refreshments and prizes, as well as decorating tips from DownEast’s very own visual merchandiser, Debbie Stapley. In addition to her work at DownEast, Debbie also has her own interior design company! Debbie spoke with attendees about such “Design 101” topics as furniture placement, color schemes and how to accessorize by using everyday objects in unusual ways.


Some gorgeous examples of Debbie Stapley’s interior design work

DE Event

Girls’ Night Out at DownEast Home & Clothing in Gilbert

DownEast will host another Girls’ Night Out later this summer, to take place at our store in the Mesa Pavilions in Mesa, Arizona. Plans are still in the works so stay tuned for the details! Thank you, Debbie, for a fun and informative event!

Give $5 to CHOICE at DownEast Stores and Get $5 Back in Return

DownEast Choice Campaign

DownEast is once again making the CHOICE to help end poverty – and you can, too!

We’re pleased to announce our “$5 for $5” in-store campaign benefiting CHOICE Humanitarian, a non-profit organization working in rural villages in developing countries. Now through July 8, shoppers at any DownEast or Lemon Ice store who donate $5 to CHOICE will receive a coupon good for $5 off their next purchase of $25 or more. It’s a win-win situation!

Funds raised through the promotion will support efforts in the remote Seococ Chulac village in the mountainous Polochic region of Guatemala to build two new classrooms and establish family gardens for improved nutrition. CHOICE currently operates in five countries – Kenya, Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico – working with villagers to improve quality of life through a model of self-reliance.

As you may already know, DownEast began a partnership with CHOICE in 2009. Later this month, our DownEast team will be undertaking our fifth Guatemalan expedition! This is the first year our team will assist the Seococ Chulac village. For the past four years, it worked with the Chirixquitzac village in the same region, which has since graduated from the CHOICE program. During that time, our team members worked alongside the Chirixquitzac villagers to dig trenches for a clean drinking water system, construct a school and community center, and build stoves that vent smoke from homes. It was a touching experience to see the Chirixquitzac people make progress each year and we’re looking forward to the same success with the Seococ Chulac village.

Remember, by donating $5 to CHOICE when you shop at DownEast or our sister Lemon Ice stores now through July 8, you can help people in developing countries while also getting $5 off your next purchase of $25 or more.

We hope to see you soon!

P.S. Be sure to follow our team’s adventure this summer – we’ll be sharing photos and stories from the expedition right here on this blog!

Video: What’s New at DownEast Home – Summer 2014!

At DownEast Home, we believe that just because something’s high style, it doesn’t have to be high priced. Our furniture is designed for today’s active lifestyles, with an emphasis on durability and attractiveness.

Can’t decide between classic and contemporary? Our beautiful St. Michel Dining Set offers the best of both worlds. Made from solid oak, the large table has a classic design, updated with a modern whitewash and trendy chair print. Perfect for family dinners or entertaining!

If your taste leans to traditional, consider our Victoria Sofa and Ottoman. The tufted upholstery and rolled arms add grace to any room. But don’t let the elegance deceive you. A solid wood frame and quality fabric provide durability for family use. Smudges and spills clean right up!

For children’s furniture, we present our Carolina Bunk Beds. They’re not only cute but are built to take the wear and tear kids put on them. Available in dark or white stains, they can be stacked or placed side by side.

Visit us today! With our inventory of quality furnishings at always-low prices, you’ll want to transform every room in your house. See more of what we have to offer at

Good Things Utah Focuses on Mental Health Month with Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation

Now that May – Mental Health Month – has passed, we’re reminded that it’s important all year round for not only advocates and activists – but for all of us to work together to raise awareness about mental illness and to eliminate the stigma that prevents people from seeking assistance. We’re honored this month to support Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation, which was featured on a recent Good Things Utah segment:


Learn more about this remarkable non-profit and how you can get involved by reading out blog Q&A with Stefan Harlan, the executive director of Bridle Up Hope.

DownEast Supports Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation

May is Mental Health Month, a time when advocates and activists work to raise awareness about mental illness and to eliminate the stigma that prevents people from seeking assistance. In support of this important cause, we’re donating a portion of funds from our annual charitable fundraising program to a remarkable non-profit: Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation.

DownEast Blog - Bridle Hope Collage.jpg

Because we want you to know more about Bridle Up Hope and its amazing work, we recently did a Q&A with Stefan Harlan, the organization’s executive director:

What is Bridle Up Hope?

Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to helping young women between the ages of 12 and 25 build hope and confidence through equestrian training. Program participants have a desire to ride horses but have never had the opportunity, and are often suffering from self-esteem issues or have depression, anxiety or a similar condition. The organization currently serves 100 young women each year.

Bridle Up Hope was named after Rachel Covey, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 21. Throughout her life, Rachel battled depression but found relief in working with horses. After her death, Rachel’s parents were inspired to carry on her passion and use it to help other young women.

Where are you located?

Riding lessons are being held at our temporary stables in Highland, Utah, although our ultimate goal is to expand to other locations and offer assistance to many more in need. We plan to build larger facilities and a new headquarters on 128 acres in Alpine, Utah, once we have secured enough funding.

Who benefits from Bridle Up Hope’s equine programs?

Individual riders are of course the first to benefit from our program, since it gives them the opportunity to re-open that door to confidence and hope. But families and close friends also benefit as these young women begin to re-engage with life, communicate better with others and come out of their shells.

What are the biggest needs of your organization currently?

Funding for building our new Equestrian Center, as well as contributions that ensure our program is of absolutely no cost to participants, are priorities.

The Bridle Up Hope Foundation runs on donations made by generous individuals and companies, and the amount we receive determines the number of young women who are able to participate in the program.

What can others do to help?

Individuals can help by donating through our website, or if you live nearby, through volunteer opportunities.

Most of all, we want to get the word out about Bridle Up Hope in order to build awareness about what we do and to gather greater support. We want to network with others who might have an affinity for our cause and would consider helping fund our program. Sharing our website through social media platforms would be a great first step.

Thank you for your time, Stefan, and for the positive impact Bridle Up Hope is making in the lives of so many young women.

Be sure to visit Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation to learn more about this important non-profit organization and to make a donation. Every dollar helps! We also invite you to share a link to Bridle Up Hope’s website on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

The Go-Anywhere Cabinet

Do you have a bare wall in your house? Do you need some extra space for putting things away? Our Healdsburg Two-Door Glass Library Cabinet is both versatile and charming, and perfect for most any space.

Healdsburg Two-Door Glass Library Cabinet from DownEast Home

Glass doors make it ideal for displaying dishes in a breakfast or dining room, or books and knick-knacks in a den. The warm wood and slightly washed finish give it a casual, vintage appeal. Standing at over six feet in height, this cabinet would have a presence in any room in your house.

Visit one of our DownEast Home locations today to see what other great things we have in store, and at our always remarkable low prices!

Dimensions: 58” L x 16” W x 78” H