Easter Table Inspiration

Are you hosting a family get-together at Easter? If you are, have you thought about table decor? We bet you’ll want to make the table just as memorable as the meal!

We’ve gone around the web this week looking for some easy table ideas for your Easter Sunday celebration. Click on the links provided for the how-to’s. Enjoy!

First, in this image from Martha Stewart, stacked cake stands and egg cups are paired with tiny blossoms for a cheerily stunning springtime display.

source: Martha Stewart

Better Homes and Gardens might just win the cuteness contest with these dainty nests fashioned from paper strips. The egg’s monogram is a sticker and lets guests know where to sit.

source: Better Homes and Gardens


We couldn’t resist this casual and ultra-simple centerpiece, also from Better Homes and Gardens – a clear glass trifle with painted eggs and scattered moss. The eggs here are wooden, with the coppery ones adding some bling to the springtime pastels!

source: Better Homes and Gardens


In this image from Southern Living, sunny yellow tulips are anchored with lime slices for a fresh, springtime look. We also love how the centerpiece contrasts with splashes of red in the other flowers and decor. Perfect for anyone who gets bored with pastels!

source: Southern Living


Another unique look is this too-cute floral table runner from Real Simple. Featuring gerbera daisies and boxes of wheatgrass, it can be assembled in just four easy steps!

source: Real Simple


If you’re going for a more traditional look, consider this table design from HGTV, which features all white china and cheerful forsythia branches tucked into a matching pitcher. The monotone table setting with a single pop of color is both understated and elegant.

source: HGTV


Finally, have you considered the kids’ table, too? Good Housekeeping delivers with this bright, fun and very edible table design! The “flowers” at each plate are made of oversized lollipops with paper petals, planted in buckets of green jelly bean “grass.” A white paper “tablecloth” and crayons make for even more fun!

source: Good Housekeeping

And there you have it! If you’re still getting the house ready for Easter guests, be sure to visit one of our DownEast Home & Clothing locations today. We have the furnishings and home decor you need at the low prices you can truly afford!

Designer Spotlight: Natalie Welch of Definitive Design

Natalie Welch is a Utah-based interior designer who is also a regular DownEast Home shopper. We recently talked to her about her work, her favorite design trends and one of her most recent design projects – a beautiful Craftsman style home that was part of the 2014 St. George Area Parade of Homes. Natalie used DownEast Home furnishings in many of its rooms.

Designer Spotlight - Natalie Welch Collage.jpg

DownEast Home furnishings in a St. George Area Parade of Homes house decorated by Natalie Welch of Definitive Design


Read on for our interview with Natalie and to find out what she likes about DownEast:

Please tell us the name of your design business and a little about your services.

Definitive Design is a full-service interior design company based in Southern Utah. Our projects vary from new construction, renovation and commercial, to turnkey. Because we’re a small design firm, we are able to remain flexible and accommodating to our clients. We’re especially committed to fulfilling client expectations through inspired design and collaboration, and we work closely as a team with local craftsmen and subcontractors on a regular basis. From interior design to renovation, we have professionals to ensure impeccable quality at every step in the process.

As an interior designer, what are your style preferences? What current trends in home design do you especially like right now?

As a designer, I tend to like and appreciate many different styles. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of design and decor including Craftsman, Tuscan, Southwestern and Southern Country. My personal preference is something along the lines of contempo-traditional. Right now I’m loving gray walls, marble tile, white trim, lots of white cabinets and bright pops of color to warm up the space.

Can you share details on your recent design project that was part of the St. George Area Parade of Homes?

My latest project was a Craftsman style home incorporating the contempo-traditional look. This home was built for the 2014 St. George Area Parade of Homes. I designed and decorated it from top to bottom. A large amount of our furnishings was provided by DownEast Home. Almost every room in the home incorporated a piece or two from DownEast, in fact.

What drew you to DownEast as a place to shop for interior design projects?

I live and do most of my work in Southern Utah and there aren’t a lot of furniture stores here that offer great, in-style furniture that you can buy right away or receive within a week or so. Most stores have you waiting eight-plus weeks to get your furniture. I love that DownEast can get the product to me fast. I’m always able to either walk away with a piece that same day or have it coming to me on a truck just a short time later. As a designer who has multiple jobs going and deadlines to meet – I need that convenience!

What else do you like about the DownEast Home shopping experience?

When I shop at DownEast, the manager and employees are always eager to help and can guide me to what I’m looking for. If they don’t have it on the floor, they’ll check in the back and if it’s not in the back they will find something they can have ordered for me and delivered usually by the following Friday. The customer service is always great and I love the convenience of getting orders fast! Time is money these days.

Where can our blog readers find out more about you and your services?  

You can find out more about my company on the Definitive Design Facebook page.

And there you have it! Thanks for being our guest, Natalie, and for shopping with us!

For the home furnishing looks you love at always-great prices, be sure to visit one of our DownEast Home & Clothing locations today!

Carolina Mission Bunk Beds

There’s no denying kids can be hard on furniture. Oftentimes, they treat it like their own personal playground, bouncing and climbing on things. Which is all the more reason that children’s furniture in particular needs to be made to last.

Our Carolina Mission Bunk Beds are just that, scoring points for both attractiveness and durability. Built from solid wood, they come in either white or dark stains – ideal for girls’ or boys’ rooms. You can stack them, of course, or place them side by side as twin beds if you’d prefer to keep the little ones on the ground.

Carolina Mission Bunk Beds and Four-Drawer Dresser from DownEast Home

Here’s another great feature of our children’s furniture: It’s remarkably affordable, as well! We have lots in stock, from beds and dressers to pint-sized tables and chairs – pieces perfect for the bedroom or playroom.

Visit one of our DownEast Home & Clothing locations today. You’ll be sure to find something nice for the adults, too!

Classic Meets Contemporary: St. Michel Dining Set

It’s said that opposites attract, so when it comes to home furnishings, how do you appease two different tastes? Say, when your husband wants a traditional look for the dining room while you want something contemporary and fresh?

St. Michel Dining Table and Chairs from DownEast Home

For a compromise that offers the best of both worlds, take a look at the St. Michel Dining Table and St. Michel Arm Chairs and Side Chairs from DownEast Home. Made of solid oak, this large, family-sized table has a classic design with handsome, carved pedestal legs. But we’ve added some modern livability with a wood whitewash and trendy upholstered chair print. Include some bright blue accents for a contemporary pop of color against the other, more traditional decor.

Something for everyone, right? This looks like a great room for family dinners and entertaining friends!

To see more of our fabulous and affordable home furnishings, visit one of our DownEast Home & Clothing locations today.

Bill Freedman, founder and VP of Home Furnishings at DownEast, recently talked to KTNV-TV’s Vegas Morning Blend hosts Shawn Tempesta and Dao Vu about some of the great finds at our stores. To watch the segment, click here.

Downton Abbey Inspiration

Are you a fan of the PBS British period drama, Downton Abbey? If so, you may recognize the design inspiration we wove into our Victoria Sofa collection. The fabric and tufted, button upholstered finish are reminiscent of the home décor featured in the Yorkshire country estate where the show’s characters reside.

Victoria Sofa and Ottoman from DownEast Home

While you have to be a member of the aristocratic social class in Downton Abbey to afford such luxuries – at DownEast Home, we aim to provide affordable price points that everyone who appreciates high-style can enjoy.

An added bonus: You can welcome every member of the family – shoes, snacks and all – onto this sofa. It’s easy to remove smudges and spills from the fabric, which is durable enough to sustain active use. Elegant and practical at once!

Relax with the comfort and style of our Victoria Sofa the next time you tune in to watch one of our design team’s favorite shows. Visit one of our DownEast Home & Clothing locations today!

The Power of Neutral

Neutral shades have so many benefits – they’re clean and sophisticated, and really let the beauty of a room come through. We love it when neutral tones are layered, as in this space featuring our Lorraine Bedroom Set.

Lorraine Six-Drawer Chest, Armoire, Bed and Nightstand from DownEast Home

You may have noticed in recent posts that we’ve been featuring another hot trend: upholstered headboards, such as the one above with our Lorraine Bed. We like them because they add extra softness and depth to bedding, providing the perfect backdrop for pillows…as well as a comfy backrest for those of us who like to read at night.

For all you DIYers, the SheKnows blog has a great tutorial for making one yourself.

Or, if you’d prefer to simply buy one, visit one of our DownEast Home & Clothing locations today. We have several upholstered headboard styles to choose from at our always great prices.

Mantel Design Inspiration

The fireplace is often the visual focal point of the den or living room. But outside of Christmas and some seasonal endeavors, many of us are unsure of how to accessorize it for the rest of the year. So this week, we’re offering some creative mantel designs to provide you with inspiration – and they’re budget-friendly, too!

We’re all about design ease at DownEast Home, and we love the idea of simply leaning and layering artwork and mirrors as in this image from HGTV. For best impact, choose items of varying heights and sizes. Note how the mirror inside the fireplace ties into the look.


image source: HGTV

No budget for artwork? No problem! Take a trip to your local flea market to look for some unique “found art.” In this image from Country Living, old screened windows salvaged from a garage sale are repurposed as vintage decor over the hearth.

image source: Country Living

Sometimes, it’s the bold color of the mantel itself that really stands out, as in this image from This Old House. The cheerful yellow pops against the neutral walls and artwork. The same-colored side table and hint of yellow in the rug bring it all together.

image source: This Old House

Now here’s a truly budget-wise look from Better Homes and Gardens. Instead of an actual clock, how about a DIY decal? Dimensions here are key. The magazine emphasizes choosing a graphic that isn’t too large or too small for the space.

image source: Better Homes and Gardens

Mantels are great places for eclectic displays that really show your personality and unique style. In this image from Country Living, alphabet letters are standouts among the other items. We’re guessing these might be the first name initials of the homeowners? Cottage chic is always one of our favorite styles!

image source: Country Living

We also love this simple, classic look from House Beautiful that features a handsomely framed mirror. Symmetry is key here for achieving balance. When placing additional, smaller items, designers recommend going with an odd number instead of an even one.

image source: House Beautiful

And there you have it – some mantel design inspiration! If you’re looking for decor to create your own unique look, be sure to browse one of our DownEast Home stores today. We have so many great accent pieces to choose from – and at our always great prices!

Four Small Decorating Ideas With Big Impact

These cold, gray days of winter just won’t seem to go away. Which means many of us are stuck at home more than we’d like to be. Truth time: Is this enforced confinement making you notice that certain corners of your home seem as dreary as the weather itself?

The good news is that the cold weather months are the perfect time for doing a little sprucing up around your house. But don’t worry – there are small, budget-friendly things you can do that will still have big impact.

1. Accent with Paint. It’s the instant brighten-upper for any home. And while you can certainly paint the whole room, you don’t necessarily have to. In this photo from HGTV, teal paint is used only on the bookcase and mantel. The refreshing color really pops against the white fireplace and neutral walls.

image source: HGTV

Tip: Before painting an entire wall in a new color, paint a poster board instead. Once it’s dry, hold it up to the wall to see if you’re going to like your new shade. This is much easier than painting a section of the wall and then having to paint over it if the color doesn’t have the effect you wanted.

2. Bring in New Pillows and Window Treatments. New fabric accents can liven up the look of an otherwise blah space. These whimsical window shades and bold-print pillows, along with a few inexpensive odds and ends that repeat the red color, give this bedroom from House Beautiful real designer charm. If you sew, you can probably make something like these yourself!

image source: House Beautiful


3. Switch Up Your Switch Plates. Sometimes, the truly small touches get the most notice. If your home still has the standard, white plastic switch plates, consider switching them out. Home improvement stores have some lovely ones in metals like nickel and aged bronze. Or, you can go the true DIY route by making your own. Martha Stewart gives you the step-by-step instructions for these pretty papered switch plates to light up any room.

image source: Martha Stewart

4. Create DIY Artwork. Do you have a bare wall that badly needs something, but you don’t have the budget for a new painting? Then get creative and turn everyday items into wall art! This image from Country Living shows how plates and picture frames can be transformed. A trip to your local flea market (or your own garage or basement) will get your imagination spinning.

image source: Country Living

If you’re searching for inexpensive new accents to finish your look – or you just have cabin fever and want to get out – be sure to visit your local DownEast Home store. We know lots about budget decorating and we have so many great items to choose from – rugs, candlesticks, centerpieces and much more – to help give new life to your rooms. You never know what you might find at our always great prices!

Valentine’s Day Brunch

Debbie Stapley, merchandiser at our DownEast Home & Clothing store in Gilbert, Arizona, held a special Valentine’s Day brunch for her sweet granddaughters. We thought the photos were just too cute not to share!

From the goodie bags to the pretty place settings and centerpiece, this table would make any child feel loved. What great memories with Nana!


This Valentine’s Day, why not plan something special for the little ones in your life?


Game Day Recipes

Besides watching the game, the Super Bowl is all about getting together with friends and family. And did we mention food? If you’re planning a Super Bowl party, you’re probably thinking about what to make to feed your hungry crowd.

 Today, we’re sharing party-friendly recipes from around the web that made our mouths water. They all seem pretty doable, too! Just click on the links below to go to the recipes.

Image source: Food Network

Sure, you could just order in pizza, but why not put a twist on the classic with these easy Party Sausage Pizza Rolls from the Food Network? Store-bought pizza dough adds convenience. To save even more time, you could omit the homemade sauce from the recipe and use your favorite jarred sauce instead.

Image source: Martha Stewart

Chicken wings are arguably America’s favorite party food, and these Spicy Sweet Chicken Wings from Martha Stewart are the perfect combination of citrus and a little heat. We especially like that they’re oven-baked. There’s also a yummy recipe for an accompanying dipping sauce.

Image Source: The Pioneer Woman

Are you familiar with Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman? If not, you should be! Her classic Potato Skins recipe looks so easy as well as delicious. While you can follow it to the letter, another option is to create a potato skins bar where you bake the potatoes and cheese, then let guests dress their spuds the rest of the way with things like sour cream, scallions, pico de gallo and guacamole.

Image source: Real Simple

Naturally, there’s an endless supply of dip recipes, but we wanted to find one that seemed out of the ordinary. This Hot Ricotta Dip from Real Simple is cheesy decadence – we can practically smell the fresh thyme! And talk about easy! While the image above shows it served with endive, if that’s too fancy schmancy for game day then just use crackers or crostini instead.

Such heartier fare should of course be balanced with lighter options like popcorn, chips and salsa, and crudites and dip. We’re positive NO ONE will leave your house hungry. The Monday after the Super Bowl, they won’t be talking about the halftime show or commercials – it will be all about your fabulous food!

Enjoy America’s favorite pastime!